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AOCS Annual Meeting Forum Session Proposal

The Forum on Emerging Technologies encompasses global discussions on matters that affect the future of our industries. These informative sessions expand beyond the science to address how current critical issues impact the business of fats and oils.

  • The Forum is on Monday morning. No other AOCS Division programming is offered during this time.
  • The sessions should be geared toward an audience made up of both scientists and non-scientists, and should illustrate the importance and relevance of current and future scientific research to the industries' business needs.
  • Submit a proposal to organize a session that would fall within the five main focus topics for the Annual Meeting, or that would offer late-breaking information on a topic of interest to our industry.
  • Two-and-one-half hours of programming time have been reserved. However, a session of shorter duration is acceptable and is given the same consideration as all other session proposals.

Note: Following the submission of this form, you will receive a copy of the form via email as your confirmation.

Important Dates
October 15, 2012: Deadline for consideration and promotion in the registration materials. All proposals are then reviewed by the AOCS Program Committee.
November 9, 2012: Everyone who submitted a proposal form by October 15 will be notified of the committee's decision.
February 15, 2013: Final deadline to submit a proposal for review and consideration. Proposals received by this date, if accepted, will have limited advance promotion to meeting attendees.

Proposal Form

Proposed Session Title:Required


Are you a member of AOCS?

NOTE: to further support your proposal, the review committee invites you to submit copies of related articles from consumer press, trade publications, scientific journals, etc. Copies should be sent to:

  • AOCS Meetings Department
    Attn: The Forum
    2710 S. Boulder Drive
    Urbana, IL 61803-7190 USA
    Fax: +1-217-693-4865

    If you have questions, or need further information, please contact Donna Elbon in care of:
    AOCS Meetings Department
    Phone: +1 217-693-4821

Check here if you are providing supporting material.

What focus area does this session address?Required (check only one)

Advanced Biobased Products
Algal Technology
Edible Ester Technologies
Food Security
Other (please indicate):

Who is the audience for this session?Required (check all that apply):

Product Developers
Government Researchers
Senior Management
Plant Supervisors
Customer Service Representatives
Other (please describe):

In which interest area(s)?Required (check all that apply):

Agricultural Microscopy
Edible Applications
Food Structure and Functionality
Health and Nutrition
Industrial Oil Products
Lipid Oxidation and Quality
Protein and Co-Products
Surfactants and Detergents

In three to five sentences, describe the type of information to be presented during the proposed session.Required
This can include:

  • Why this session is important
  • Why faculty is qualified to present
  • What new research makes this session "emerging"
  • Whether session is geared towards scientists, non-scientists, or both
  • Session format (lectures, question-answer, panel discussion, small group exercises, etc.)

What is the optimal duration of the proposed session?Required    

What is the presentation format for this proposed session?Required

Keynote address followed by audience questions
Multiple individual presentations
Panel discussion

How many speakers will present during the session?










What expenses will be incurred for the proposed session?Required

None; no expenses anticipated
Organizer travel expenses - amount:
Other organizer expenses - amount:
Speaker(s) Honorarium - amount:
Speaker travel reimbursements - amount:

How will the necessary funding be secured?Required only if anything other than 'None' selected above

External funding sources (to be solicited by session organizers)
Request funding from AOCS Annual Meeting budget

Should additional information regarding this proposed symposium be needed, please identify the primary contact:

Mailing Address:Required
Mailing Address 2:
Please provide a secondary contact, if applicable:
Mailing Address:
Mailing Address 2:

Note: following submission of this form, you will receive a copy of the form at the email address you provided above, as an attached file in MSWord format, as your confirmation.

Please enter, as a number, the sum of nine and thirteen:

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